The development of tumours under a ketogenic diet in association with the novel tumour marker TKTL1

A study of the effects of a ketogenic diet in patients with cancer in primary care.

Metabolic reprogramming induced by ketone bodies diminishes pancreatic cancer cachexia

This study examined whether a ketogenic diet can affect metabolic reprogramming of cancer cells and slow the development of cachexia in experimental animals.

Growth of human colon cancer cells in mice is delayed by ketogenic diet

The Study This study was designed to test whether a ketogenic diet with different kinds [...]

Glucose Ketone Index Calculator : a simple tool to monitor therapeutic efficacy for metabolic management of brain cancer

The GKIC is a simple tool that can help monitor the efficacy of metabolic therapy in preclinical animal models and in clinical trials for malignant brain cancer.

The ketogenic diet alters the hypoxic response and affects expression of proteins associated with angiogenesis, invasive potential and vascular permeability in a mouse glioma model

Woolf et al. (2015) studied the effects of a ketogenic diet (KD) on malignant glioma growth and progression using a mouse model.